Domestic Water Supply


Plumas County has 30 independently managed community systems that supply domestic water. By definition, this includes any system serving 15 or more year-round residents. Many of these systems have multiple sources or backup supplies. None of these systems currently are reporting concerns with water shortages or vulnerabilities.

Plumas County also has approximately 49 systems serving smaller groups or populations. These are typically systems that have a single source and no backup supply. 79 non-community systems serve campgrounds, recreation areas, seasonal lodges and restaurants. These typically also have a single source and are more vulnerable to outage. Currently one seasonal lodge owner reports a domestic spring going dry and needs to drill a well before opening this spring. The economic impact to this owner is estimated to be $20,000.

Department of Public Health (CDPH)

On February 4 the California Department of Public Health announced they are currently accepting new "universal pre-applications", or requests for funding of drinking water infrastructure projects. Loan and grant funding is currently available for project design and construction with emergency projects or projects associated with the drought receiving higher priority. Applications available at Universal Pre-Application or contact Environmental Health at 530-283-6355.

Funding and Technical Assistance from CDPH

  • If your water system is experiencing a water outage, contact your District 2 Engineer Mike McNamara at (530) 224-4800 immediately.
  • For water systems experiencing diminishing water supply, please stay in contact with your District Engineer. Funding may be available for short term, emergency water projects.
  • Longer term water projects (e.g. drilling new wells, etc.) may be eligible for the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SDWSRF). Currently, CDPH is seeking federal approval to use SDWSRF funds to help emergency drought response actions. To keep up to date with the SDWSRF, please visit the program homepage here.
  • If you have any questions regarding CDPH funding opportunities, please contact Regional Funding Coordinator for Region 1 Northern California- Email Pete Stamas, or call at (916) 552-9983


United States Department of Agriculture has funding for emergency community water assistance.

Drought assistance is available for rural homeowners.